Chris Corbin

Registered patients only:

Registration Fee

To register with the practice £30



15 minutes £75

30 minutes £150

45 minutes £225

60 minutes £300

Telephone and email consultations at the same rate.


Out of Hours

Outside the hours of 9am to 6pm on weekdays, fees will be one and a half times the above rates.


Cancellation Fees

Cancellation of a booked appointment at less than 24 hours' notice will incur 50% of the fee for the time booked, non-attendance without notice 100%.


Administrative Fees

When prescriptions, certificates or letters are completed in your absence, the following fees apply:

Prescription £15

Referral letter £75

Legal report, fee based on hourly rate, min. £75

Solicitor copy of patient record £70


Blood and Urine Tests

General pathology tests are sent to The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in London. The results are available promptly and can often be forwarded to you by email, with an explanation, the following day. Some tests take longer. Tests are priced according to the list provided by TDL.


For registered patients:


Travel vaccinations, per dose:

Dip/tetanus/polio £40

Hepatitis A £50

Hepatitis A & Typhoid £85

Hepatitis B £45

Hepatitis A & B £70

Meningitis C £55

Meningitis ACWY £70

Rabies £70

Tick-borne encephalitis £70

Typhoid £50



Other vaccinations:

Gardasil (HPV) £160 per dose - 3 doses

Influenza (seasonal) £35

Pneumococcal (PPV) £45

Zostavax (against shingles) £190




Should you require a chaperone to be present during your consultation, this must be arranged in advance and will incur an additional fee from £50






Comprehensive contraceptive services are available.

Depo-Provera £60


Medical Examinations

Diving (PADI), motor racing £130

Fitness to drive, HGV, PSV etc £120

Drugs of abuse screens, various from simple urine tests with or without chain of custody to analyses from hair samples £50 - £400

Occupational health assessment, from £260
(plus price of blood tests per TDL list, if required)


Diagnostic Tests & Procedures

In addition to the consultation fee:

Audiometry (hearing test) £45

24 hour Blood Pressure recording £120

Body Composition Analysis £40

Dermoscopy / mole survey £40

Doppler vascular studies £50 - £120

Resting ECG + report £65

Spirometry (lung function test) £45


Inclusive fee:

Exercise stress ECG + report £299



Registered patients only:

Insurance claim form £15 – £45

Insurance report £25 – £100

Shotgun application £30

Passport validation £30

Driving licence validation £30

Holiday cancellation £30

Letter to airline £75 - £150

Card Payment

We no longer take cheques. We are able to accept most cards other than Amex. Debit cards are much preferred.

Personal information is held securely and managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.  While you may have access to your medical records on request, your details will never be released to any other party for any reason without your permission.