Chris Corbin


I have held a PPL since 1970, having been awarded a Royal Naval Flying Scholarship when I was 16. How different life would have been had I accepted the offer of training as a naval helicopter pilot!

I grew up in Farnborough, vocationally drawn to both flying and medicine. A summer of work as a professional guinea pig at The RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine further whetted my appetite and I was also lucky enough to spend three happy years flying Chipmunks in the University Air Squadron.


Having qualified in 1976, I served at home and abroad in the RAF Medical Branch as a station medical officer and later as a radiologist, until 1990. I was frustrated in my ambition to become a Medical Officer Pilot, but my time as a station medical officer in the RAF gave me invaluable experience, not least of the medical issues affecting aircrew.

I continue to fly and own a very enjoyable (and economical) EV97 Eurostar.