Chris Corbin


Class 1 Medical Examination £170*

Class 3 Medical Examination £165*

Initial Class 2 Medical Examination incl ECG £235* (up to 1 hour - see below)

Class 2 Renewal / Revalidation Medical Examination £140*

*Inclusive of CAA submission fees and haemoglobin test where indicated.


When performed in association with a medical examination:

ECG £70

Cardiologist ECG Over-Read £60

Audiogram £45

Spirometry £45

Cholesterol (Class 1 and EU Class 3 at age 40) £45

If performed at other times, a consultation fee also applies.

Secure Transfer of Documents to Another State of Licence Issue (SOLI) £65


AME Casework and Consultations £260 per hour

NB: Case work such as referral letters, submission of medical reports and time spent on your behalf in relation to your fitness for medical certification will be charged at this rate. Applicants with extensive medical history who need lengthy explanation of the requirements for medical certification should be aware that additional fees will be incurred.